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A Hollywood Ending - Robyn Sisman

I picked up this book from a Big Bad Wolf sale. It had an interesting premise - spoiled Hollywood actress Paige Carson suddenly accepting a low-paying theatre job in London to challenge herself and to get away from the life arranged by publicists and trying to impress fans and the media. 

The early pages were lengthy and not quite interesting - especially the second part about the London lanlord, Ed. Also, Paige's transition between acting for film and theatre isn't clearly stated - most of the part in London only shows mainly about her life outside the theatre. 

Many parts of the book were also a bit confusing - the transitions between each scene and all. It's like the story is quite 'jumpy' 

However, the story still turned quite delighting in the end, although the ending is a bit abrupt and you can pretty much guess what's happening. Especially with Gaby's part, the part where she's mentioned as a 'control freak' and 'wanting Paige to be dependent on her' through her physics and aura mumbo jumbo should be more apparent through her transitions from Hollywood to London - that would make a bigger impact when Paige finally let go of Gaby. 

Nevertheless, I enjoyed this book in the end. Worth a read!